He was born in Mshiyeni Hospital, He has one sister and two aunts, His father and his son that is his family that he stayed with, He was staying with his family before he started smoking heroin ,On top of that he was still schooling at Lamontville High and he got first son during he was doing grade 9 then he dropped off at grade 11.
He said he was hustling badling to get food and he had no parents no shelter and he was sleeping outside on the street, Then he met with bad friends they were smoking heroin. He said his friends said try it its wont kill you yet then he smoked the following days he started to stealing people close to him like those friend they were not smoking and grabbing others, he was also young and they coat him as he was young after that he went to jail so stressed made him smoke more because he had no visitors in prison
When he got out in prison , He carried on with smoking up until he met up with someone to tell him about the T.B and H.I.V Care Centre in uMbilo Widely Road, When he heard about the centre he decided to stop smoking heroin after that he joined programe at the centre and succeeded in stopping heroin, He also has been clean for about 3 months now and counting, He has set up him self goals. Now he looking for work and trying to live a mindset. And now he has even stopped to move with his old friends because they are the one who put him in this situation, He has made new friend, they are not smoking, they are good and very kind, They are also help with good advises. The following days , He has started training soccer with this friends and social workers from the centre,They also take care of their clients in the centre,On 18 july 2018 He got admire by people that were enjoying Mandela Day with by the park at Mbilo widely Road
On top of that he would like to thank the centre and the lovely people working there for being supportive to him cause the way he was living in the street was not good for his health because if staying in the street you don’t bath even eat health food ,that can lead to stealing and losing respect from people close to him and his family, When he got addicted to this drug, He had difficulties with the police cause when they coat him thingaring in his room and search him then they find nothing on him they would plant him cause they got upset for findind nothing on him then they take him to jail in Westville prison he stayed, There for 6 months if they plant him with one capsule that is the laws rules if they find you guilty and if the police wants the meechant and you refused to tell them where you bought woonga,They will definetley beat him up until he tell them what they want,They don’t care if he dies axidetaly and they don’t care,They would even put him in a choope,A choope is something made by them that he putted his head in it and wraped his head with a plastic so that he cant breathe then they say when he feel like talking he had to tap on the floor then they would listen to him but if they don’t hear what they asked him, They would put him back until he gave them the names of

mufias and where they keeping the bom of heroin, Sometimes they know but cause they are getting paid by the mufia, They would say give them onother mufias name and if he refused they will still plant him with more capsules and when he have been arrested they wont even believe in court that he was been tourtured by the police it will be a long procedure unless he has a lawyer so things would be better but if he don’t its too bad.
He was hustling with carlboads and scrap for surporting his habit,He said he used to make about R200,00 a day but he would finish it all by heroin without buying proper food he used to eat magwinya all day and juice for R1,00 daily and he would save more for smoking that heroin. He even have a son that he never seen ever since he started smoking heroin but now cause he is in the program it been better cause he came with his son in to the centre to show us aver since he stoped smoking and also when he got released from jail his aunt said to him Nkosinathi I found the place for him where they can help him with his addiction of heroin,He accepted to join so his aunt was so happy for him that he did not refused because he has been having a bad vibe with a community they forlsly accussed him of braking in to their houses they eated him up when they saw him walking in the street.
So no one believe anywords coming out from his mouth his aunt was the one that was defending him likely his father ran to police station and came back with the police so that they can help to stop people from beating him up with schumboks and stones likely he survived in that incident so when they found out that it was not him after that no one came to him to apologise they just said why he never died because he just a parra and smelling bad then his father said to him go and open a case against them so the police said him its too late because 3 days had past, He was supposed to come same day of the incident or go to Hospital after that he decided to go and stay in the street in order to avoid people from forsly accusing him because he smoking heroin no one likes heroin because its come with bad addiction and it like A devel because he even stole a braii pack of meat and rice so that he can smoke he have to eat later with his family so that when they start cooking later they notice in the friege that there is no meat then they check the carboard,there is no rice after that they calling him to come and explain that where is the food,after that he decided to leave them holding their heards.
So now as he have stoped smoking he regreats all the bad things,He has coaused to his family he wishis to apologise to all of them,