Simbongile: Good day sir .
Smith: Hello my friend .
Simbongile : Can I ask you some questions about your use of heroine?
Smith: Yes you can. You use to smoke with me. Tell me how you stopped.
Simbongile: Sure thing smith I will tell you, I just need you to tell me about your life on whoonga.
Smith: Ok I will be open to you, you out of all the people here know, its bad, its good, its
nice. And its sick.
Simbongile: Ok smith I have questions for you.
Simbongile: Do you know what OST is?
Smith: Yes I do. It is the treatment of heroin, sugars, mzigo or whoonga use with medication.
Methadone is the medication that will be used in that project. A doctor prescribes
methadone and it is swallowed daily. At first ,a small amout of methadone is given
over 4-5 days this amount will be increased until the right dose for you is found .
OST aims to help people to regain a normal life. It will be used for 18 months.
Simbongile: Can you tell me about your drug history, when you started using and the possibility of
why you are using today.
Smith: I’ve been doing drugs for many years. They gave me a character. I was somebody with a
different attitude. I would not learn from my mistakes. All I did was think of my next fix.
I started doing drugs when I was in high school. I love girls and now I have three kids,
they are daughters. The thing that got me started in whoonga
Is that Im a father and I now have to phanta, or get a job/vacancy.
Simbongile: Do you live with your children?
Smith: No I do not live with them. Each of my daughters stay with their moms and grandmoms.
Simbongile: What is your family like at home?
Smith: I am a bit free in my life and I love my children. I want to be with them but my drug
habits are making me sick. I have tried stopping drugs. Its ok but it is not me, it is not
who I am. I have been smoking drugs and they have become me. I also know about
medication but I feel that I have to stop doing drugs by myself.
Simbongile: When you get money what do you think of doing when you have it?
Smith: I phanta and I think of my kids, then I do good for them. I understand that I have worked
for everything. I have told my mind that I must smoke rocks (cocaine) so that again I
can go to work tomorrow. Every time I see that there is no value in smoking. I am now
training my mind to believe that I do not smoke anymore.
Simbongile: Do you ever feel that you have had enough of drugs you want to stop smoking?
Smith: I am an addict I wish to stop all this madness. Every time I see myself, I see me as
one that does drugs. I believe my age and my history of being a father makes me want
to stop, at this time. I am telling you my story. I believe that a black cloud is being lifted.
Simbongile: Have you ever lost anything in your life because of drugs?
Smith: I would never say I lost anything with drugs, but that was a lie. I wish in my mind
all addicts could stop smoking. People say they have lost things in their lives because of
drugs. Maybe its leading that way. I am loved by my family, I am loved by my kids, I am
always phanta’ing and always smoking . My kids and family will be affected by this. I
am afraid it does not catch up to me
Simbongile: My good friend smith. I’ve known you for many years, I have chosen to leave this sickness
of addiction behind me, I wish you all the best in this journey they call life.
Smith: Thank you. Simz all the best to you my friend.