Your experience, the guud things you went through, the fun stuff
The parties, fun stuff, clubs, started with uppers then downers.
Partied in town, umhlanga. Having a guud time having a ball and fun while it lasted. Wish it never ended, wish it never ended but you can go 3 to 4 days without sleep then after that u a zombie that needs to sleep.
More about when you started using heroin Stories you can never forget about
The things we did to make plans to smoke, some of it is a bit of dirty and some of it is abit honest, lol and it can go down the history books for them being on of the top plots done in the world. Most ov ma life I worked to support ma habit, was a conman and a schemer. Like ma friend once made a gadget that you connected to your electricity box, it would slow down the usage ov your electricity and you won’t have to pay as much much no more, he dressed and looked the part carried a calculator and he would work out the scheme that in a year you would have saved thousands and it a once off thing that imagine if you had to do it now you will never again have to pay for your electric bills ever again like you did before, it wouldn’t just cut it in half but it would take more than 60% of your electricity bill. And imagine if this is what he had to work out now and he makes you think ov what would you have to save in 10years and he would work that out and show you, and believe me ngeke ungayithathi ioffer that he was offering you and he would changed an minimum of 2000r per person.
People were falling for it like flies seeing a doom spray, and imagine that how I made ma money and that’s what the kinda things we did to make a profit.
But it never got me nothing stable, because it lost me my job, loved ones, place to stay, you name it I lost it.
Couldn’t believe the master consman had lost everything he’s worked so hard for by conning people.
To be quiet honest it wasn’t fun times but when you in that zone and moment you feel as if it’s a good thing to do but it’s not.
How long were you using heroin
I started when I was about 20 years of age, chased a little bit did it with a Tanzanian and they called it cocaina in a joint back then, it would make you sick and VOMIT Nd after that you’d enjoy the rush that it would give you after that after you vomited and eventually I grew outta it because I saw what’s this stuff that alwaysd made you sick and I stopped it for quiet a while, twas a big window period.
Meet on a friend of mine that again introduced me to sugars and said when u have had rock so much and you want to come down you can take it and it’s not that expensive, you buy 200r worth ov stuff and you won’t have to waste so much money coming down on crack like I was
doing so before. So was on and of for 3 years and back then I was working on the ships, repairing a fixing ships and back then I was making 3800 a week.
And that was back then, and that was alot of money and that was just normal time and used to do some things and make odds on the side to get money as well and would end up using at work.
So we smoked and we committed and I said this things reminds me of that thing that’s called cocaina I used to smoked with one Tanzanian guy, and a week went by and I had had enough of this thing and when I opened up the puller that you us to chase this dragon with I was discussed and couldn’t image how ma lungs were of just a week ov smoking, how its killing me slowly and i had no clue, it’s dirty, revolting by how much ov that stuff is stuck on the sides, image ma lungs and chest so never again.
So that day I never went to work, but after a few minutes I was weak and I couldn’t walk, was nouses and that’s chronic withdrawals, and only one drug gave you physical pain with the withdrawals, the other drugs it was just mental, and what has that withdrawals is whoonga, I couldn’t make it to work and was critically dying. Went to the shop, basically crawled to the shop, and he asked me when last you smoked and he explained it to me once, you need to smoke because you get no where if you don’t smoke, and wanted to hit him but had no power what so ever to hit him and if you was a true friend you wouldn’t have gotten me to that situation where you introduce me to a drug which you can’t handle yourself, so I was angry at him for many reasons and can’t think of him as a friend no more.
After all that lucky I scared him so bad That he took out what he had on him and he offered me to smoke and was so angry at him but after just one pull of t, it was like a magical poison and all the sweating and pain I had went away with just one pull of that and I could just shake off this feeling anyhow, how can I deal with this problem, so I felt like if I used once in the morning that was it and I wouldn’t have to worry ever again, so I did it like that and I managed to maintain that for years, and not at all back then I never thought about quieting and before everything hit me again I would smoked before I get that sick dying feeling again, and I always used to jump to were I thought the grass was greener and you know why the grass is green it’s because of all the shit that grows up on the other side because it is so fresh because the shit makes it menuarr and fertile
So I made those mistakes in life and I don’t blame myself for what I had done because all the mistakes, make up for the lessons and makes you a better person in life.
When I got introduced to this drug thing now again 22 years staying in escom then balliar rossburgh then seaview then jhb then cape town staying with my ex girlfriend in cape town.
Tel us more about your ex girlfriend and how you stayed with her?
Her parents where pastors and her she never used drugs ,she had a nice personality and we were together when I stayed in cape town years before amd only reason why we broje up is because I moved to Durban.
So we couldn’t be together because of the distance but whan I went their again she took me back with open arms and I stayed with her parents and the were loving and sweet like all pastors should be. I brought the house on fire. And all the keys were their for me to stop using
thesupport system was their but affortunstily I was in cape town iv been their to long street, sea point and trust me I know my way and I can get anything and their to every corner theres a dealer callingyour nme and its so easy to fall short so imagine being a pastors child and dating a drug user, wow she had it tough and I kept it a secret for some time and you cant hide drugs for a long time . once they saw that I was using hoohhooo they turn super sayen vegita on me
So how she felt anout you using drug??
She was extremely broken
How long did you hide the fact that you were using a substance ???
She didn’t know about for 6 months and I would hit one two lollies to even things out ,even had eye drops and stuff like that being well prepared, keep it under. But there are some things you just cant hide , you cant pull up the niks and tricks with it like the loosing weight and ways and eventualy they catch out to many skelems and was put in the spot where the question finally popped out ‘we won`t love you less but you have to tell us the truth are you using drugs my child’
And I just froze because they believe that honesty is the best policy because I felt if I told them the truth because they are pastors they can help me with my problem because back then I was tired of using drugs and I was 22years old imagine how sick if using drugs I am now, and I`m 30 years old, yesses maan..(pauses for a small moment, thinking about what I`v done in my life and all the people iv hurt)
I could see that they looking at me in a bad way and I just packed ma bags and ran away.
But before I could do that they held a meeting and I thought they going help me out because they stopped me from doing it, but I was wrong again. They had helped a person before in the past and that experience hasn’t come away from their hearts because they had a jewellery box and it was full to the top and the person they call their own son stole it from them so now thy don’t want to take any more chances with things like these.
So their I was again on the streets and looking for my next fix to numb away the pain.